1. Strengthnet.com features an incredible arm wrestling match between two massive bodybuilders. At first, they were just messing around after a workout, but it …

  2. I want to join a wrestling club but it is mandatory to wear a singlet I must buy my own. How do they feel like when wrestling? I feel like it would not be comfortable to wrestle other sweaty boys in just some spandex. What do you wear under it? I heard you are not supposed to wear anything.

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    Answer by Jesse Aaron
    Its feel fine.When we wear it for a extended time , we wont feel anything.
    However merely dont receive a orange singlet with “Cole” created about it ^_^

  3. I did wrestling when I was in school so I know a good amount of technical moves.
    Next dont answer should you dont recognize. That ought to be good sense.

    Answer by paranoid
    Have no idea

  4. I brought up one single thing wrong with wrestling and the only answers I got were from people insulting me? Seriously just because someone doesnt enjoy the same bullshit as you doesnt make them a prick.

    Answer by Geese
    It can become the means we framed the query plus a choice of words that got wrestling fans about here prepared to rip a head off. If you ask to talk to anyone inside a condescending technique because though you may be chastising them, they will verbally insult we. You may not be a saint in every this plus it is actually very potential we brought this on oneself. I am not here frequently thus I am familiar with what was the query we asked that got a lot of wrestling fans riled up however, I am betting we asked the query with full knowledge it was going to tick a great deal of persons off.

  5. Taz said on yesterdays Impact wrestling (9/20/12) that wrestling is the easiest sport to quit on when you start.

    Is this true?

    Answer by CHICAGO KNIGHT

  6. I am starting wrestling this year in high school and i was wondering how they are supposed to fit? Please be detailed.

    Answer by Jis
    First, we place them about like a pair of pants; 1 leg at a time. Next, we only pull it up plus place the shoulder straps about a shoulders.